Professional, Quality Support for your Mac in Dorset


I offer a complete range of services for Macs of all ages, both Power PC and the newer Intel based machines (subject to parts availability of course.)

If your Mac is not performing well (or at all!) - I can help.

Below are listed my main services - please click on the subject headings below for further details.
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  • Data and System Recovery
    The unthinkable has happened. Your trusty Mac has stopped working. All your photographs, music, documents, work and other important stuff is inaccessible. What do you do? If this is happens, the first thing to do is to turn off your computer and call me.

    Your data is stored on a hard drive, and, unless it is severely damaged, I can probably get the data back, as well as fitting a new hard drive, installing a fresh copy of your operating system and applications and get you back up and running in a jiffy.
  • Ex-Warranty Repairs
    I do not work on Apple Macs within their warranty period, as this has to be done by Apple. But if your machine is outside the warranty period, I can usually repair your machine (subject to the availability of parts) getting you back up and running again. I will also tell you if this is not the best option (due perhaps to the age of the machine,) in which case I will help you choose a replacement computer, and reintegrate your personal files (photographs, documents, address book etc.)
  • Mac Upgrades
    Is your Mac running slowly? Have you insufficient disk space to install new applications or save files? I can help. All Macs can be upgraded to a certain extent. If your machine needs a little 'lift' I can install a new hard drive or more memory to prolong the useful life of your machine. As before, if I feel your interests would be better served by the purchase of a new computer, I will tell you this (and by the way, I do not sell computers so will not benefit.) I will then help you put all your personal data back in the right place and get you back up and running with your new machine!
  • OS X & iOS Operating System Troubleshooting
    Mac OS X is a very, very stable and resilient operating system, based on UNIX. You are not likely to experience the same problems as your friends with PC's running Windows do as Ill you know. However, it can develop problems, and occasional maintenance certainly yields benefits in terms of performance and reliability. I offer an efficient OS X troubleshooting service as Ill as routine healthchecks, which may make a surprising difference in performance and reliability of your Mac.

    Perhaps your machine is running an older version of OS X and you would like to upgrade, but are concerned that you may lose files or not be able to do it yourself. Why not give us a call? I can back up all your essential documents and other settings, perform the upgrade for you, and setup internet connection, email, printers and other peripheral devices for you.
  • Mac and Mac/PC Wifi and Wired Networking
    I are finding that our clients often have both PC's and Macs in their home or office, and would like a way of sharing files, printers, internet connections and other services. Have you a mixed PC and Mac network? Unsure how to share files, printers and other resources? I can setup a local area network (LAN) for you, either wired or wirelessly, and efficiently configure everything for you.
  • Internet and Email
    I can set up both wired and wireless internet and email solutions, including setting up your internet connection, importing bookmarks to Safari and Firefox, setting up email accounts within Mail, importing address books and sharing printers, scanners etc.
  • PC-Mac Migration Support
    Have you bought a new Mac as a replacement for a PC? May I be the first to congratulate you on a most excellent decision. However, you will almost certainly have files and other settings stranded on your old PC. I can transfer these files over for you and set everything up. I can then give introductory tuition to get you going with common tasks on your shiny new Mac.
  • New Mac Setup
    Have you just bought a new Mac? Not sure how to set it up with your internet connection, emails, document integration, address book etc etc? I can take all the hassle away by setting up your new machine, transferring your settings from your old one (Mac or PC), transferring your important documents, music and photographs, and leaving you with a machine working the way you want it to be.
  • Targeted Tuition
    This is a recent service I have introduced due to popular demand. Many of our clients have told us that they have tried to learn to use their computers by buying books and going on courses. These courses and books are no doubt excellent, the only trouble is that they cover many topics - unfortunately not necessarily specific ones our clients are interested in.

    So what could I do? I have introduced a new service called 'targeted tuition.' You decide what you would like to learn about, tell us, and I will show you how. Simple. Please note I do not pretend to be a replacement for comprehensive courses and books - just an alternative should you want to learn specific things about your Mac.
Please give me a call on 01202 80 50 55 and we can discuss how I can help you