Professional, Quality Support for your Mac in Dorset


I like to think that what sets me apart from other tech support is my approachability and professionalism. Below are a few examples of things my clients have said about me (in no particular order...)
David Rickard
My name is Monica Williamson. I have known David Rickard since I purchased my Mac some 6 months ago and have found him to be a very patient and excellent tutor, besides being technically brilliant.

I can thoroughly recommend David to you and know that if you were to use his services to assist you with any problems you may have with your computer he would, in all probability, be able to solve these to your entire satisfaction.

Monica Williamson
Nr. Dorchester
We rely on our home computer considerably - and didn't realise quite how much until it didn't work! From work, personal emails, shopping to social networking (most important now for our eldest!), the impact was considerable. Users rather than experts, we found David in the Yellow Pages. He rapidly answered our cry for help (and has always done so subsequently), and solved the problem swiftly, professionally and in a friendly manner that in no way made us feel technically inadequate.

He will certainly be the first person that we call if and when we need future technical support - and we can thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend MacSupport to anyone who needs swift, efficient, friendly and trustworthy service. David's prices are very reasonable, and he's been more than happy to help us over the phone as part of the service.

Lieutenant Colonel J-P H Hughes Royal Marines
Dr Claire L Roberts
MacSupportDorset have assisted me with many problems on my Mac. Mostly self inflicted I am sorry to say. Tuition has kept me up to date on many aspects. An early visit is usually possible, or advice on the phone to cure a simple problem

Alastair Aked
When the boiler goes on the blink, it may take time to get it fixed. When there's water coming through the ceiling, it's a plumber - but where and who? If my iMac has a 'gum up', we need it sorted asap.

My thanks to David at MacSupportDorset who will do just that. It's wonderful when you ring, frantically, to hear the calming voice saying that he will be back to help within an hour or three. We can cope meanwhile, help is on its way.

Penny Elliott
If like us, your business requires a reliable stable system (PC/MAC), to be kept up and running, to meet the demands of every day business, then you should seriously consider the services that David provides.

David has literally come to our rescue many times throughout the past eight or so years, and has helped us maintain some important clients, during some stressful times, when our computers have taken a turn for the worst. It is reassuring to know that David is just one phone call away, his customer service and knowledge is excellent, and no matter how busy his day is, he has always returned our calls, and made time to pay us a visit, as soon as he possibly could.

If like us, you thought that purchasing a new PC from a well-known PC manufacturer, with the added expense of next business day onsite technical support, would give you peace of mind, and keep your business up and running with very little disruption, think again!!! Our PC manufacturer wanted us to ship the tower case back to their factory. The turn around time was estimated to be approx two weeks! Even though the PC was under warranty, and we would not have had to pay anything towards repair costs. We could not afford to be down one PC, for such a long length of time, and during one of our most busiest and stressful periods of the year.

So once again, we called David. He paid us a visit, and once all the parts that he had ordered came in, he had us back up and running within days.

Over the years, David has given up his valuable time and expertise, to advise us on best practise, and the purchase of new equipment. He has helped our business move forward in a more efficient and secure manner.

If it is essential that your business requires your computer system to be up and running, to meet those important deadlines and your clients needs, get in touch with David, he will provide you with an excellent friendly service. We consider David to be a very important cog in our business, and over the years a good friend.

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